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April 14 2023

For the first time, an Azerbaijani company STARTED EXPORTING WATCHES ABROAD

900-1200 hours are produced per month

The factory produces classic and sporty watches, as well as children's watches. The enterprise is capable of producing 900-1200 hours per month.

Most of the released watches - 90% - are quartz, they run on batteries, there are also watches with an automatic movement. The VMF watch mechanism is owned by the Japanese company Citizen: “These are very reliable, almost life-long movements.”

Orkhan Mammadov said that equipment and raw materials for the production of products were brought from Denmark, Hong Kong, China, Switzerland, Germany and the United States: “This is the most modern equipment that is currently available,” the executive director said.

Stainless steel, genuine leather, sapphire crystal.

According to the executive director, the watch case and strap are made of anti-allergic 316 stainless steel, which is widely used in the jewelry industry. Leather straps are made of genuine leather, and crystals are made of sapphire and mineral glass.

The company said that a special technology is used in the coloring of the watch. For example, rose gold watches are coated using PVD technology: “This is a higher quality coating than traditional gold coating. Thanks to this technology, a layer of gold is applied to steel in a very thin layer, and the color never fades,” a company representative shares the details of watchmaking.

Parts and details brought for the production of watches are also tested in the factory laboratory and only after that they are released into production.

Approximately 180 watches released under three brands

Currently, the company produces more than 100 watches under the VMF brand, more than 40 watches under the Rover brand, more than 20 watches under the Elli brand. In addition, under the brand name "VMF" a separate collection "Victory" was released, on which the names of the liberated cities were engraved.

As for the prices for watches produced by the VMF factory, the cost of VMF brand watches varies from 65 to 587 manats. Prices for “Rover” watches intended for young people are about 100 manats, while “Elli” watches for children are offered for less than 100 manats.

Watches are already exported to 5 foreign countries

So far, the plant has produced more than 20,000 watches, the total cost of which reaches 5 million manat.

In addition to the company's own stores, watches produced by VMF, which employs about 20 employees, are sold through 50 dealers in 70 outlets in Baku and the regions.

The products of the VMF watch factory have already begun to be exported to foreign countries. Watches are exported to Turkey, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Russia and Saudi Arabia. Only in Uzbekistan "VMF" has 4 stores.

Head of KOBIA at the watch factory "VMF"

It should be noted that a few days ago the Chairman of the Board of the Small and Medium Business Development Agency (KOBIA) Orkhan Mammadov and the agency's employees visited the VMF Natural Frequencies watch factory. As part of the acquaintance with the enterprise, an exchange of views took place on the activities of the plant and the needs for development.

“We want exemption from customs duty”

According to Orkhan Mammadov, one of the main problems faced by the enterprise is related to customs duties. Thus, the company wants to exempt raw materials imported into the country for the manufacture of watches from customs duties, this step will reduce the cost of watches.

The company itself prepares personnel for work at the plant. According to the executive director, since there is no watch production in Azerbaijan yet, the company is trying to solve the personnel problem on its own. “For example, to train watch designers, we attract young people from the University of Arts, the Academy of Arts, we conduct trainings and special classes for them. We also attract, train and hire young watchmakers. The same process is followed in the sales department. In other words, since this is a new direction and there are no personnel in this area in the country, we try to train all the personnel ourselves.”

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