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March 15 2022

Today is next Tuesday

Today, next Wednesday is celebrated in Azerbaijan.
VMF reports that after the successive Water, Fire and Wind Wednesdays, the people of Azerbaijan celebrate the last - Earth Wednesday.
On the fourth Wednesday, the soil wakes up, the grass sprouts, and the trees sprout, which heralds the arrival of spring.
Next Wednesday is solemnly celebrated in our country every year.
On Earth Wednesday, there is a call to halal labor and love for the land. On this Wednesday, nature wakes up from hibernation, the soil is frozen, and people's appetites are renewed.
Earth Wednesday is also rich in rituals and ceremonies of Novruz holiday. On that day, on Water Wednesday, malt grown from soaked wheat becomes the dearest guest of our holiday table. Everyone is preparing for the last Wednesday table, trying to make it richer. The house is cleaned in advance, special holiday supplies are made. Eggs are dyed, ribs are fried, pilaf is filtered, sweets are cooked.
On the next Wednesday, the Kusuls reconcile, everyone tries to put on new clothes, think of fortune-tellers and say kind words.