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Our History

From Founder

Time flies – it is impossible to stop or delay, prolong or shorten it. But don’t be sorry – you can give it a mission, design, elegant patterns and proper appearance. Most importantly, you can still point time in the right direction!

There are some perfect watches in the world. But their original versions are very expensive and are meant only for successful and well-to-do people. Unfortunately, they are inaccessible to those making their first steps along the success path… But success itself consists of valuable and precious hours. It is impossible to achieve success by faking a moment even it looks like something special.

Over history, thousands of people have sacrificed their lives and become martyrs to create a better and happier life for their families and future generations! We are infinitely grateful to them. In order to make their dreams come true, we have created the VMF, Azerbaijan’s first watch brand for those who, regardless of age, aspire to break the barriers in the face of adversity – for our Future Heroes.

We worked for two years to make our watches look exactly the way we want. We made numerous modifications to make sure that their design is classical, and yet practical and esthetic. Our watches are made of high-quality steel, hand patterned face, top-quality leather watchbands and durable glass.

VMF has represented the world’s leading watch brands in Azerbaijan for over 20 years. Over this period, we have successfully passed hundreds of watch-making trainings and seen countless of beautiful, complex and expensive watches, but have not encountered a watch we would want to wear. We have always wanted the watch we would be wearing to be aligned with our needs, with our business and life style! And finally, we have created this watch!




Vahid Mustafa yev Fuad oglu
Prezident of ANS Group of Companies

    Vahid Mustafa Yev

    Vahid Mustafa Yev